Analytics Supervillain Con 2024

This is a chance for us to meet old friends, make new enemies, and look back at all of the wonderfully evil stuff we have done since 2023.

Hosted on 3/28, a little after 1PM PDT next to the lovely Venetian Hotel and Casino in the Palazzo CD conference room!

Our Progress is Criminal

This is a spotlight of some of the incredible leaps we’ve made over the years.

How China scales click farms

  • Do the fraud work of 200 people with just 1
  • Reduce exploitation by just not paying people to do work
  • Minimal soldering

This guy right here

  • Who does he think he is?
  • Wait, isn’t he HOSTING Supervillain Con?
  • Was our con conned?

“So I was like… yeah, your CDN does all of your bot filtration… and, like, this IT guy was literally crawling the site with Selenium on like 5 machines behind him. You can’t make this stuff up.”

Baddie McBadderton

Undercover Agent

Figure out how the pros detect fraud so you don’t get caught.